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BS Conveyancing



Benedit Solicitors are professional and skilled solicitors who have vast experience dealing with all aspects and sides of the property market and real estate, buying, selling, rentals, business properties and land.


Benedit Solicitors offers you a wide range of service to complete the various stages of the process from the beginning until the end, allowing a smooth and stress free transaction for the client. Our main priority is that our client must have all our team of solicitors to give you the best legal representation and assistance.


The Seniority of our professionals and our commitment with talent, allow us to have a global and deep vision of Law domain, a strategic and innovative vision oriented to the business, which help our customers to adapt to the needs of each case and anticipate any future changes.


Benedit Solicitors will ensure a safe procedure, whether it is the full conveyance package, from acquiring an NIE number to the signing at the notary, including Power of Attorney if requested.


Be aware that the Spanish legal system is very different from others European Legal Systems and USA, included, and to avoid misunderstanding, disappointments and possible fraud, it is essential to seek expert advice from the very beginning.


BS Conveyancing service includes:

  • Deep analysis of the property details and legal documentation;

  • Estimate of property purchase costs.

  • Estimate of taxes by having a property in Spain.

  • Check/ Control your payments.

  • Prepare the documents to obtain for N.I.E. ( Fiscal Number for Foreigners)

  • Open your bank account in Spain. Set up a bank mortgage in Spain.

  • Advice on special conditions that may be included in the private contract to protect your interests;

  • Obtain and examine the title and statutory charges to ensure that there are no outstanding charges on the property;

  • A confirmation of the Owners Community quote and get the minute of the last AGM (Annual General Meeting);

  • Making a Power of Attorney for signing on your behalf.

  • Assistance at the completion day and translation of the Title Deed.

  • Pay taxes and fees on the purchase.

  • Inform you of the tax obligations, regulations and responsibilities when buying a property in Spain;

  • Contracting electricity and water supply by direct debit into your spanish bank account;

  • Change of ownership in the Community of Owners;

  •  Registration your property at the Land Registry.

  • Final Balance.


Buying and Purchasing a Spanish property

If you are thinking about or intent to buy a home in Spain, here are some examples of operations we have experience and expertise in.


• Buying a home in Spain, including villas, countryside houses, apartments and land.

• Buying a holiday home in Spain, including villas, countrysidehouses, apartments, land, and its management;


The process of buying a property in Spain begins with reviewing the property status in question, confirming the ownership and that the description given by the sellers is in fact the correct one, matching all details of the one viewed. In summary, we check all legal documentation and taxes on the property to be purchased.


Once confirmed the parties involved can move forward on to the terms and conditions and the buying / selling private contract. In the case of a second hand property, the property will have a bank credit check making sure that it is debt free at completion day. The seller may have a mortgage in which case this will also need to be coordinated with his bank at to avoid any misunderstanding or delay. The following stage is the preparation for completion. Final checks will be made on the deed to make sure it is registered correctly will the local Town Hall.


Once all aspects are compliance with present laws and regulations a Notary will be assigned to oversee the completion of the transaction, bearing witness and reviewing all the documentation.


After completion we take care of change of ownership notifications in the Town Hall, water and electricity supplier companies, pay any outstanding rates and taxes, and deposit the surplus, if required.

“Join hundreds of others we have helped with their

Spanish Property Purchase”

Conveyancing Fees


Benedit Solicitors provides you all Conveyancing tools to find your property legal professional:


Your BS Conveyancer.

We understand that selling, buying and remortgaging freehold and leasehold property can be a stressful experience. Many can show the legal fees instantly, but in Benedit Solicitors, we like our Clients to have all information from the beginning, and in 24 hours we analyze all the legal Documentation of the property, this way in only 24 hours you have all possible legal information checked, as well our advice and fixed fees, to make a right and quick decisions.


The difference between our quotes and the competitor’s are as follows:-

  • Our conveyancing fees are all-inclusive.

  • Absolutely no hidden extras.

  • Fully guaranteed written quote.

  • Best price, first time every time









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